Vijay Devarakonda not looking for multiple language release for WFL!

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Producers come up with ideas and strategies on how they want to do promotions of their movie. They even come up with release ideas that sometimes look really good and sometimes may be a little greedy.

But these days, those ideas should go through hero and the entire core team of the movie first, for approval. Some producers from older generation stopped producing films as they did not like this arrangement.

Some are following the flow and trying to make an impact on new generation too. Creative Commercials, got a huge name in Telugu Industry, because of their innovative strategies in promoting films and KS Ramarao was known for being daring in his strategies.

He is the first producer to call Chiranjeevi, Megastar and then everyone followed him. Now, he is following the wishes of his lead actor, Vijay Devarakonda, it seems.

The actor who forced his producers of Dear Comrade to go for aggressive four language release, decided to not do that for World Famous Lover.

Even though producer wants to release it in Tamil and Hindi, he just refused the idea, it seems. May be he doesn't want to take this subject to other languages or he might be feeling less confident on such multi-language strategy for this particular Movie.

Kranthi Madhav wrote the story, screenplay and directed the film. He is looking for a hit after a debacle like Ungarala Rambabu with his Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju producers.

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