Devarakonda's Title Clash With Tamil Hero

Last year, Tollywood sensational hero Vijay Devarakonda marked his Kollywood debut with his bilingual movie 'NOTA'. Touted to be a political drama, the movie ended up as a disaster at the box office.

But now, Vijay Devarakonda is all set to do another movie in Tamil. Under the direction of Anand Annamalai. Vijay Devarakonda has accepted another movie titled as 'Hero' which is going to be multilingual one. On the other hand, director Mithran who is going to helm the upcoming project of Tamil hero Sivakarthikeyan has recently announced that their movie is titled as 'Hero' which created a controversy.

Now, either Vijay Devarakonda or Sivakarthikeyan has to leave the title 'Hero'. It is yet to be known whether Sivakarthikeyan has announced his project title without knowing Vijay Devarakonda's movie or not. Though one of them can change the title by another word in the title, it is yet to be known whether the film chamber will accept it or not. The producers of Devarakonda's film already showed proofs that they have the title registered and renewed. The producers of Shiva Karthikeyan's film also released a statement that the title belongs to them.

But, if Vijay Devarakonda changes this title, then only the Tamil version will have to release with a different title which will create a negative impact on the film. However, we have to wait for a few more days to get clarity about who is going to be 'Hero'.