Video Of Indians Celebrating Diwali In New Jersey Became Viral

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Indian culture and festivals are celebrated all over the world. Even foreigners like the way we celebrate the festivals and the way we decorate our houses during the festivals. On one hand, presidents in various countries wish us on our festivals which makes us feel proud. On the other hand, our behavior leaves a black mark on our country.

One such incident took place in India Square in New Jersey. The locals could not bear the sound pollution created by the Indians during Diwali. With crackers lighted the locals faced a lot of sound pollution and air pollution. With the help of the police, the locals cleaned that area. A 15-second video of people cleaning the area became viral on social media.

The video got so many comments and retweets. The Netizens have thanked the police for doing their duty correctly. In the video, policemen can be seen cleaning the area and keeping the area clean.

We should understand one thing here. The foreigners were not used to the loud culture and crackers culture as we do. In India, not only Hindus but people belonging to other belives also use crackers. We celebrate functions like this bu lighting the crackers and playing songs in the music system at the atriums where we keep the Idol of gods. 
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