Not Violence, Only Silence Works!: Naidu

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While taking part in the Birth Centenary Celebrations of former AP CM late Marri Chenna Reddy in Hyderabad, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu suggested public to opt for silent protests instead of violent protests to convey their message in a much more effective manner. 'No scope for violence during agitations. Policies can be opposed but personal attacks aren't acceptable. We need to maintain the dignity of Parliament and Legislatures,' he said in the wake of protests across the nation against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens.

Mr.Naidu opined, 'Political Parties need to treat each other as Opponents instead of Rivals. Dignity should be maintained during debates. There should be glamour and grammar in the political debates'.

Speaking about the Ex-CM, Venkaiah told, 'Marri Chenna Reddy served as CM twice, Governor of four states and also as a Union Minister. He earned a place in people's heart staying as close to them by knowing about their problems and resolving them. The role he played during Telangana Movement was crucial. He could speak in Telugu, Hindi, English and Urdu fluently. That made him a people's leader. He was instrumental in bringing Land Reforms, Reservations for BCs, Bringing down the age limit for voting in Local Body Polls from 21 to 18 and Taking the development to Rural Areas'.

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