Very Proud To Abolish The Council: Jagan

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As a major development, the AP government has abolished the Legislative Council. This left Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh is a deep shock as the latter lost his MLC position and from now on he will be called as former Minister.

Speaking in the house Jagan said he is very proud to announce that they are abolishing the Legislative Council.

"Earlier the Council was abolished for a single person. Now we are abolishing the Council for the betterment of Crores of the public in the state and now the Opposition is fighting with us. We are abolishing the Council even after knowing that we can get the majority in the house within one year," Jagan said.

With this Jagan has applied the old saying one short-two birds. Now Chandrababu cannot create the problems for the bills approved by the State government anymore and Lokesh is left with no job now.

This clearly shows that Jagan will not fear to take any dare step for the betterment of the state. At least from now on Naidu should leave thinking about Jagan and start working to build his cadre and recruit new leaders.
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