Is Venky Mama Too Afraid Of Sye Raa?

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We tend to listen to an argument that big films need breathing space of 2-3 weeks but in actuality, only hit films big or small, are breathing in theaters for 3 weeks.

All others are finding it hard to even sustain for a weekend. Saaho after the holidays, is unable to draw at least 25% housefuls all over the Telugu states.

Nani's Gangleader missed out on cashing on 6th September date or even 30th August date, as people who were free, who didn't want to watch Saaho, might have gone for Gangleader.

While in a way, each would have eaten into eacehdn h other's business if they were good, Gangleader would have failed miserably had Saaho been a must watch film. On contrary, Gangleader could have held on well after holidays and gain on from 5th September with extra theaters who would have been free.  

There is a slight indirect arm-twisting going on with biggies making it obvious no other choice for viewers to watch any other film but their's when they release. Fearing the reach a biggie has when it gets positive talk, medium budget films don't tend to give them competition.

Same seems to be coming true for Dasara season. Sye Raa is a huge film and no doubt it needs all the time at box office to recover the costs.

But Venky Mama - a multistarrer with Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya going to 25th October release for Diwali holiday seems to be too much of a gap.

Makers planned it for Dussehra season first, then after Sye Raa teaser came out they said they are coming for Dasara few days, not coming for Dasara few days and finally said that Venkatesh is having leg injury issues which was not serious first, then became a huge issue. Now, we hear that it is coming on 25th October.

It just looks like Venky Mama is little too afraid of Sye Raa, as Dussehra is seen as a season that can sustain 3-4 films with ten to 12 days of holidays.


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