Too Much Overdose Of Venkatesh In Film Events

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Victory Venkatesh, who was going through a lean phase over a couple of years, has bounced back hard by scoring a blockbuster with his last outing, F2. He is a darling star for everyone who maintains a healthy relationship with all the other heroes and also has no haters among the fans.

This very fact is making everyone to invite him for their pre-release events. Venky is seen in almost all the big film's events these days. Earlier this year, he attended the events of Maharshi and Jersey. Today, he will be gracing the pre-release event of Varun Tej's Valmiki.

Though he is a darling star of everyone, he was not invited regularly as much as this year. Is the blockbuster success of F2 made everyone recognize his value? or is Venky too free to attend any event? or the makers aren't able to get any other guests? Any which way, the star actor's presence has now become monotonous in very other movie's event these days.

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