Vice President, Venkaiah Naidu Appreciates Sye Raa!

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Sri Venkaiah Naidu, Honorable Vice President of India, has always been an avid movie lover and he appreciated Baahubali films as a Cabinet Minister. Now, even as VP, he took time off to encourage a good Telugu film.

He watched Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy after Megastar Chiranjeevi, invited him to do so, at his home. Chiranjeevi worked as Cabinet rank State Minister and was nominated to Parliament, as a member of Rajya Sabha.

So, he maintained good relations with all the politicians from Andhra Pradesh, irrespective of their party and principles. That helped him to get an appointment with Andhra Pradesh CM, YS Jagan, whom invited to watch his film, Sye Raa Narsimha Reddy which is about freedom fighter from Telugu land, Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy.

Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy fought for Independence from British Colonial Government even before the first mutiny happened in 1857. He fought Britishers for 3 years from 1843 to 1846, until his death. Britishers chose to hang his head for 30 years at his palace to induce fear in other revolutionists and activists.

Vice President appreciated Chiranjeevi for doing such a role and Ram Charan for producing the film. He also commented that Chiranjeevi and he have left politics for good. He asked many people to watch the film as it is about a warrior who was forgotten and was an unsung hero.

Chiranjeevi thanked Venkaiah Naidu for making time and watching the film. He is in Delhi, looking to meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Home Minister, Amit Shah to formally invite to watch the film.
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