Bigg Boss 3: Celebrity Couple's Verbal Spat!

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Looks like, The challenges they have been encountering every week during their stay in Bigg Boss 3 house has been getting on the nerves of Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru. This Celebrity Couple had a verbal spat in the 7th week of the third edition.

After the completion of the task, Varun Sandesh tried to make Vithika understand that she is blowing things out of proportion and not being able to deal with other contestants in a right way. Vithika offered a strong retort saying he can't indulge in character assassination.

Varun Sandesh maintained that Vithika can't ask him to spend time with her frequently as this is a reality show not a honeymoon trip. He didn't even mind saying Vithika will be in nominations this week because of her behaviour. Vithika wondered if Varun Sandesh could play the game alone after her elimination. Is she trying to say Varun will be zero without her?

This is where Baba Bhaskar intervened to say Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru should calm down. He wished to see the couple live together for 70 years.

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