Such People Untie My Shoelaces: Varun Gandhi

Chandra Bhadra Singh, popularly known as Sonu Singh, is being fielded as SP-BSP combine candidate against Maneka Gandhi in Sultanpur. During the campaigning for his Mother, Varun Gandhi made controversial comment on the Opponent - 'Nobody has to fear any Monu or Tonu in Sultanpur. People should fear their sins, not Monu or Tonu. I am standing here as the son of Sanjay Gandhi. Such people untie my shoelaces,' he said.

The Gandhi Scion told 2019 Elections is about the pride of the Nation. He asked public not to fear anyone except the gods.

Varun Gandhi made these comments days after his Mother threatened the voters of Sultanpur about the consequences they have to face if they don't vote for her. 'I am gonna win as Sultanpur MP with or without the Muslim Votes. If I win without Muslim Votes, You won't receive any help from Me. It's a give and take thing! We aren't the children of Mahatma Gandhi to keep giving inspite of losing polls,' she told apart from announcing ABCD Categories to differentiate the voters and pay back to them post the elections.