TRS Scored 100 Effortlessly

Out of all the 119 Assembly seats, it is not an easy thing for any political party to score 100 seats but with the second attempt itself, KCR has successfully created this record.

With the recent Assembly Elections, KCR's TRS got 91 seats and after getting back into the power, so many Congress leaders also opted out and joined TRS. So, with these politicians who have been shifting parties and joining KCR, TRS became much stronger. Kothagudem Congress MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao from Khammam District joined TRS and with his entry, TRS has got 100 seats in total and he also got felicitated in KCR farmhouse. On the other hand, Vanama is saying that he is going to resign from his MLA position very soon. It is yet to be known whether he is really going to resign not. Meanwhile, politicians who have been joining TRS from other parties are increasing every day and are increasing the strength of TRS in Telangana.

As per the latest reports, not only the joined contestants but also there are so many other politicians who are also showing interest in riding the car. Earlier, rumors came out that TRS will gain 115 seats but KCR has succeeded in making the number as hundred.