VVIPs Sit Like Commoners In Modi's Swearing In

Finally, the Modi cabinet has been sworn in. By all standards, it was a gala affair, with over 8000 guests from all walks of public life gathering there to witness the event. The festivity rent the air and the biggest names from films, business, trade, arts and defence were there in tow. Even Ambanis were there, but they had to share seats like commoners while Modi and his group of ministers sat on a higher pedestal.

The state was set in such a way that Modi and his team sat in a special place. The foreign guests and ambassadors of different countries were provided with a special enclosure. The remaining people, which included the biggest names of the country, were made to sit in the crowds.

Many such VVIPs could not even think of getting the limelight as they had to sit among the crowds, away from the cameras. Many VIPs may have felt like commoners at the arrangements made there.