VRS For 20000 RTC Employees?

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It appears Telangana CM KCR is hell bent on settling the RTC issue once and for all. If sources are to be believed, KCR is in no mood to relent and he is emboldened now after the TRS employees union JAC has blinked when Ashwatthama Reddy said that the JAC has dropped the merger demand. Now that the merger demand has been given up, the RTC unions showed their weaknesses.

Sources say that even if the strike is called off, KCR is in no mood to take back the employees. According to him, the strike is totally illegal. He has also reportedly prepared a plan to retire at least 20000 employees by giving them VRS. He feels that many employees, who are on the verge of retirement, will take up the offer. He also wants to change the bus to employee ratio in the organisation from 1:6 to 1:4. If KCR has his way, the number of employees in the RTC will come down from 48000 to 28000.

Even a major portion of the bus routes are likely to be privatised. The RTC has 8400 buses of which at least 2800 buses are in extremely bad condition and need to be replaced. The Government is also planning to privatise at least 5100 routes in the state. So, the adamant attitude of KCR may actually lead to the complete decimation of the RTC.

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