VOW Formed For TFI's Sexual Abuse Victims

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Actresses, Female Technicians, Junior Artistes and Lady Journalists have now got a platform to raise their voice against sexual harassment. A Team of five women comprising of Supriya Yarlagadda, Suma Kanakala, Swapna Dutt, Jhansi and Nandini Reddy formed Voice of Women (VOW).

Anchor-cum-Actress Jhansi feels silence of the Victims will only make the Sexual Predators continue the harassment in different manners. She declared victims needn't be scared of speaking truth anymore as VOW will be supportive of them in every possible manner.

A special panel will be constituted to take a call on the action to be taken against Sexual Predators. Names of the Victims will remain highly confidential.

An indication was given by VOW that false allegations won't be entertained. Being in a live-in relationship for some time & thereafter accusing the male partner of sexual harassment is unacceptable. Individuals need to be able to accept the reality and move on.
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