Uttam comes down severely on KCR

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Ever since becoming TPCC chief, Uttam Kumar Reddy has repeatedly been ing Telangana CM KCR. He once again came down severely on KCR on the Municipal polls in the state.

He said that TRS is behaving like a dictator and issued an election schedule without even issuing voter lists and reservations. He urged the public to give a shock to the TRS party.

He held a press meet on TRS behavior and said, "Congress party workers are working like soldiers facing the conspiracy of the TRS party. Congress leaders should work hard. In the last six years, CM KCR and KTR did not do anything for Municipalities".  

"TRS has supported BJP in demonetization, Triple Talaq, GST, President, and Vice-President elections. Both parties have an alliance and voting to TRS is voting for BJP. Why Asaduduuin Owaisi is not questioning KCR on not giving a conclusion against the controversial CAA. Brothers from minorities should think about this," Uttam Reddy added.
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