Upper House Abolition is irrational: Revanth Reddy

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AP CM Jagan has abolished the Legislative Council leaving the Opposition and political circles in a state of shock. This bold move by Jagan has left even Telangana Congress MP Revanth Reddy who was once a trusted loyalist of TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu, in a split.

Revanth even took a step ahead said what Jagan did was against the spirit of the Constitution and irrational.

Talking about the abolishment of the Legislative Council. Revanth attributed KCR for giving such rubbish ideas to Jagan which are aimed to destruct the system. Revanth went to say that KCR is happy with the chaos in AP as all the investors are shifting fro AP to Telangana.

"If Jagan continues his friendship with KCR, the future of both AP and Jagan will be dark" Revanth said.

There might be a point in Revanth's statements. Recently talking at the conference with the Investors in Hyderbad, Harish Rao asked the investors you are coming to this state(Telanagana) because the neighboring state is in chaos. He did not mention the state name though.
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