Movie Test In March Kick-Starts

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March has already come to an end and which movie is going to become a winner at the box office in March month has now become a hot topic. Apart from the movies that have already got released, there are a bunch of movies which are yet to hit the screens.

On this note, two movies are slated to hit the screens on March 21st which are 'Cheekati Gadilo Chithakkottudu' and 'Suvarna Sundari'. The first one is an adult movie and the makers have already declared that the movie is only for adults. Touted to be the remake of Tamil movie, Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuthum, the adult horror comedy is going to test its luck at the box office on March 22nd. It is going to clash with 'Suvarna Sundari' movie which is an experimental film starring Sakshi Chaudhary and senior actress Jayaprada.

On the other hand, RGV's 'Lakshmi NTR' is also supposed to hit the screens on the same day on March 22nd. But as TDP is trying hard to postpone the release till the elections, it is yet to be known whether the movie can make it into the theatres on the expected date or not. RGV is also giving warnings that even if they try to postpone the release, he will release the film at least on YouTube as he wants to release the movie before the elections.
Another small budget film 'Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara' is going to get released on March 22nd as well. But there are there is no buzz about that film. On 29th, Mega princess Niharika's 'Suryakantham' and young hero Nikhil's 'Arjun Suravaram' are going to hit the screens. The teasers of both films have already gained a positive response. We have to wait and see how far the movies are going to impress the audience. The trade is eagerly waiting to see which movie among these is going to become a winner at the box office.
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