Why Upasana Met Twitter Founder?

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Ram Charan quit Twitter in 2012 for peace of mind after few controversies. He remained active only on Facebook in the past few years although Fans want him to make a comeback on Twitter. Upasana compensated the absence of Charan by sharing updates about her hubby's new projects on Twitter.

Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey landed in Delhi on Monday. He had interacted with Media, IIT Students, Tech Honchos and Prominent Personalities during his India tour. Upasana Konidala & her Mother is one of celebs who met Jack Dorsey. While sharing the pictures shot during the meeting, Upsi wrote: 'Dinner with Mom & the Co Founder of #Twitter - a powerful tool to live a more aware & meaningful life!'.

Upasana hasn't disclosed about the agenda behind meeting Twitter Co-founder. It could be related to the operations of Apollo or just a cordial meeting.

On this occasion, Many Mega Fans appealed Upasana to convince Ram Charan to rejoin Twitter. May be, He would be back either before the release of 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama' or 'Sye Raa'.
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