UV Creations irritating Prabhas's fans once again!

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Well known production banner, 'UV Creations' always makes sleek and stylish movies. Right from 'Mirchi' to recent 'Saaho', they are always known for their good production values and style quotient. But, they are also famous for one more thing which is irritating fans without releasing updates.

During 'Saaho', the production team did not reveal any updates until a few weeks before release. An update was given once in three or four months during the two years it was under making. This irked Prabhas's fans a lot and they even protested in front of their office.

As we are aware, Prabhas signed his next film with Radhakrishna under the same banner again. Tentatively titled as 'Jaan', there is no update on this film whatsoever. Fans are not even aware of whether this film is undergoing shooting or not. 'UV Creations' is not making any effort to satisfy his fans by releasing a single update at least. There was no update or a poster from the team even on Prabhas's birthday.

Feeling agitated, fans of Prabhas are now taking things to Twitter and trending the hashtags against this production house. Also, '#wewantprabhas20update' is trending heavily and let us see if 'UV Creations' responds to this or stays silent like always.
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