The UN In Economic Crisis?

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The United Nations which is set up to unite all the countries in the world is now facing economic crises. It has been reported that the UN, which is known for sorting the disputes in the world is now suffering from an economic crisis. The Secretary-General of the UN informed that there is an economic crisis going on in the UN

He said that currently, the UN has a deficit of 230 million dollars. By this month-end there will be no money left with the UN, he added. He wrote a letter addressing 3 employees working with the UN. In that, he said, that immediate actions have been taken to face the problems related to the economic crisis.

According to the reports, the member states were to be blamed for this situation. America is funding 20% funds, which is allotted for the functioning of the UN. It has been widely reported that with the other nations failed to send the funds, the economic crisis started.

By the end of the last month, there was a deficit of around 230 million dollars, and by the end of October, there will be no funds left with the UN. To cut short the expenses, they are postponing many meetings and summits. Not only that, they have decided to impose restrictions on other than the crucial tours. They have decided to take all the required actions to save the funds. To come out of the situation, focusing more on the debt recovery will be the best option rather than cutting down the expenses. 

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