UK Government Ttakes Back Its Decision On Adult Sites

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Banning porn websites is not that easy how the governments think. When porn websites were banned in India the websites came up with new websites which the government couldn't trace out. Even directors like Ram Gopal Varma come out and asked how can the government ban adult websites. "Ban those who ban porn, read his tweet".

Good news for all the adult film lovers out there. The UK government has taken back its decision of restricting porn websites for the age group 18+ and the visitors of the websites should be older than 18. With this decision, the viewers can visit the sites without giving their details.

A ban was imposed on the porn websites in India, which is still not followed by all the service providers. According to some reports, still some websites can be opened in cellphones and computers, but very less in number. The porn websites, which Indians visit are mostly based out in UK and US. So the decision taken by the governments will affect Indians indirectly.

There is a rule in the western countries that people above the age of 18 should watch sex and porn websites. Young children less than the age watching sex videos or someone making them watch the videos is a punishable crime there. There is a possibility of even a 16-year-old user entering the website. The UK government has decided to impose strong restrictions on the websites. The UK government has warned the websites that the user should be able to enter the website only after he/she proves they are above the age of 18.

According to the Digital Economy Act 2017, the websites enable the login only after the user selects the 18+ box and fills their birth date. Users who are below the age of 18 are visiting these sites by entering the fake birth dates. With this, they are getting influenced by porn. Reportedly according to the new instructions imposed the user has to give the details of their passport, credit card ar any authorized ID.

But the porn websites are citing that most of their users won't like to give their details and the new instructions are resulting in their loss. Now the government has instructed the websites to take measures that prevent users below the age of 18 to visit the websites or else they only will take required steps.
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