Two Infants End Up Being Exchanged Like In Films In A Hospital!

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We saw in many film stories that at hospital, due to some staff carelessness or parents' wishes to have a different gender, color baby, infants get exchanged and they meet after 20 years or 25 years in the climax for an emotional showdown with real parents.

The hit formula was always enjoyed on film screen but in reality, such exchange causes trauma when parents get to know about it.

Two mothers are unable to figure out if they have their babies in their hands or if they were exchanged in Tamil Nadu Bhel hospital.

One mother was on bed no.8 and another was on bed no. 12 in the same ward in the hospital. Bed no.8's mother child was born on 11th November and no.12's child was born on 12th.

This day difference and difference in appearance shouldn't have been a problem for staff to identify between the infants. But they both look similar, weigh same and even the blood group is same.

So, the doctors have gone for DNA test for infants as one of the mothers is adamant that her child has been exchanged while the other is convinced, nothing of that sort has happened. We have to wait for 3 weeks to know if exchange has happened or not?!

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