Gossip: Twitter Commentator Director Gets Big Producer Offer!

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Twitter has opened a place for many directors and others to comment whatever they want and this lead to several people picking up more fights than others.

Still some seem to find happiness in commenting than just continuing in their work. This director has a close friendship with the big producer and he has been getting offers from him, despite his behavior on sets.

This director is said to be very hot headed and he did not leave any actor positive about him after working with him. They all had some or the other fights with him and he is showing that frustration lately, on Twitter too.

Finally, the big producer asked him to sit in his script team and help him in deciding on the future projects on a monthly salary basis, it seems.

The only thing that he has to do is stop commenting on Twitter and he should continue working on his scripts, the scripts brought in by others as part of his team.
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