Twist In The Tale For 'V'!

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Films that involve mind games between the hero and villain often run on an interesting note. With the right mix of intelligence and logic, these kinds of films are sure shot hits. If the screenplay keeps the audience guessing and excites the audience throughout, the box-office will sure be on fire. Films like 'Race' in Bollywood and 'Ragada' in Telugu proves this point.

Talented director Mohan Krishna Indraganti is trying to repeat the same kind of magic with his upcoming film 'V' starring Nani and Sudheer Babu. Sources say that there will be many shocks and twists in this film and there is a strong talk in the industry that a particular twist will blow the minds of the audience. It says that Sudheer Babu is the real villain in this thriller unlike the teaser suggests. Nani is portrayed as a negative character in the teaser but he will turn out to be the hero in the end. The film tries to send a message that there is a good motive even behind negative things people do sometimes. Indraganti reportedly designed both their characters in a very interesting and mystic manner as per sources.

On the contrary, Dil Raju's recent production 'Jaanu' turned out to be a huge blow for this star producer. Hope he learned his lessons for that failure and planned some innovative promotions for 'V' to gather buzz around it. Already, some are commenting that 'V' team is weak in terms of promotions. Let us see how the team responds.
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