These Two MLAs Are Giving Jitters To T Congress Leadership

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Disunity is the second name of the Congress Party. In Telangana, it has lost 12 of its MLAs to the TRS. These MLAs have merged themselves into the TRS in the right royal way and avoided attracting the provisions of the Anti-Defection Act. The party was left with just seven MLAs, of whom PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy resigned as he had won as an MP. That left the Congress with just six MLAs. But, even these six seem to be divided. On Thursday, CLP leader called for a meeting of the legislators to decide on the protest against TRS-engineered defections. Of the six, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy gave the meeting a miss. But, he was there in the assembly hall protesting against defections. Soon after the protest was over, he slammed the Congress leadership and simply walked away.

Another MLA, Turpu Jaiprakash Reddy from Sangareddy attended the meet, but did not join the protests. He did not wear the black stole as a mark of protest. He gave enough indications that he is not a part of the Congress group.

There are strong rumours that Komatireddy is looking towards the BJP and is all set to join it once a fair deal is secured. As for Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy, he is all set to join the ruling TRS. If these two MLAs too leave the party, the once-mighty Congress will be left with just four MLAs in the house.

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