US President's Shocking Comments On Indian Students

It is known that the arrest of some Indian students in the US has become a hot topic and worried so many. Amid high pressure about this issue, US President Donald Trump is saying that they are not doing this to discourage the immigrants.

He wants the immigrants to come legally after meeting all the requirements. Trump added that they never fail to welcome the immigrants legally who are contributing a lot to the development of the country. He also clarified that there should not be any kind of harm to the interests and livelihoods of the American citizens because of the illegal immigrants who are residing in the country. On the other hand, the Indian officials are trying their best to do justice to the Indian students. The issue also involved the fake Farmington University created by the US Homeland Security officials to trap Indian students.

The number of illegal Indian students is being considered as a threat to the opportunities of the US citizens. So, the protection of US students against the illegal immigrants became one of the major aims of Trump's government.