Balakrishna's Temper Acting As His Big Enemy?

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Balakrishna used to look very smart in early 90's and late 80's. His look was never trolled and even his best films released during those years.

In mid-90's he lost touch with scripts and he eventually lost his grip on his looks too. He wears very bad wigs on screen and the reason for it is his temper, it seems.

As per some inside reports, constantly the actor changes his staff as he gets irritated with one person, he tends to change others as well.

As per wigs, he chooses them himself by going to UK, USA. But he doesn't listen to his stylish or his make-up staff, before wearing them, it seems. He thinks he can carry any look and opposition to it, makes him angry, it seems.

Hence, his staff has left him many times and this constant change has hampered his image as a hero. Still, he believes in what he does and never wants to change it, even after flops, it seems.
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