Ruler Rules The Trolls!

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Whenever you go to a theatre, if you're a purist like this article writer, you will also feel annoyed about people picking their phones and recording stuff, rather than trying to watch the film and experience it first.

This makes film watching just some kind of thing like being at a wedding or a family event, which people have to photograph. Film is all about the story, a filmmaker wants to tell and devices he or she & his or her team use to narrate it.

But when it is a Balakrishna film, even purists can't sit through it these days and someone taking up a phone and recording seems to be a normal trend rather than something objectionable.

Because nobody can troll Balakrishna especially in Ruler, he trolls himself. He tries some outrageous steps in songs, even if they don't suit him.

He tries to give lengthy speeches even if audiences have rejected him in such movies. He wears bad wigs to just give material to people who wants to troll him.

It seems like Balakrishna is either cut off from reality so much that no one can hope for him to land on ground or he hopes that these kind of things will keep long in public way, in a weirdly genius way.

Yes, nobody gets as trolled as him and that keeps him in the news everyday without fail. May be he is doing films like Ruler, just for that sake.

Otherwise, what is the logic behind attempting a film like Ruler, when people troll even his hit films like Legend? What is the logic behind trying to pull off some dance steps when his physique seems to not support him to achieve grace? What is the logic behind him trying same story again & again in each movie?

Trolls are also saying that they can't find new ways to troll him as he keeps giving them content more than they can take. People are live tweeting and sending whatsapp videos from theatres. Even shouting, "Jai Balayya" at theatres whenever he pulls off a very bad outlandish stunt!


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