Trivikram - The Man Behind Pawan's Re-Entry!

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The news of Pawan Kalyan making a comeback into films made his fans very happy. But there are a few who are unhappy over his choice for a comeback. Fans expected him to make a comeback with a complete entertainer while he opted for the remake of message-oriented 'Pink' movie.

Speaking in a recent interview, Trivikram Srinivas stated that he was the one behind prompting Pawan to choose 'Pink' remake. Responding to the news that he is supervising the script of the remake, Trivikram said that he is in no way associated with the film and he's not even writing the dialogues for it. He told that all he did was to arrange a screening of 'Pink' for Pawan and Dil Raju together.

Some fans are criticizing him for doing this while some are praising him for suggesting such a responsible film for their favourite star. Trivikram added that his next film is going to be with NTR and after that, he is planning to develop a script for Megastar Chiranjeevi.
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