Trivikram Srinivas answers to all the comments!

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Trivikram Srinivas talked about Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo and said that he is enjoying the success of the film, at this moment. He will think about his next soon but he wants to digest the victory before he takes to another story.

The writer did face some criticism and people have commented on the movie has him copying his own work. They said that the film just another version of his big hit film, Attharintiki Daredi.

He reacted to them by saying that he wrote in his own film, Chirunavvutho that not all people like same God or like to follow same religion, so how can we expect everyone to like the same person. Similarly, he said that he doesn't want to comment on such comments but accept what they said and move on.

He also reacted to copy rumours and comments. He said that every film from last 12-15 years has been facing same allegations that it has been copied from some place or another. He said that he did not copy from any old movies.

For the comment that he tried to make looking at a woman's thighs encourage-able behavior, the writer-director said that if his intention was bad, people would have understood it, right away.

He simply left it to audiences to decide anything about the film and thanked them for making the film, such a big hit.
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