Trisha Is Scaring Her Producer!

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Trisha Krishnan is known for her screen presence more than her acting skills. But she changed that impression with Hey Jude and 96 films, in last two years.

She is now looking at her career with a new hope as it has blossomed again with one film offer from Mani Ratnam, a film besides Chiranjeevi and a possible one with Venkatesh too.

The actress has been doing several films in Tamil, even though some of them don't have much budget or a different storyline from her previous works. She wants to keep herself going in the market and that strategy actually helped her in finding good projects recently.

But her producer is scared about her presence in media interactions for promotions of Paramapada Vilayattu, her next film.

Producer wants her to be present at the first media interaction of the film and she agreed to be there. At the same time, she has a photo shoot for Mani Ratnam's film and hence, the producer is nervous and all tensed up.

If he is just having a panic attack due to  unnecessary over thinking or if his scare is justified, we have to wait and see. Nayantara and several others would have directly said they won't be present at the event!
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