Traps beautiful girls in the name of acting

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He attracts beautiful girls and young women and makes huge money in the name of short films. He pretends to teach them how to be in front of the camera. The whole thing is filmed through secret cameras. He then shows them and blackmails them for huge money. Those who do not give money are forced into a prostitute. He spread such a dark empire throughout the state. He is Sheikh Zakir Hussain alias Mahesh of Allur district.

The family of Sheikh Zakir Hussain alias Mahesh of Allur in the district moved to Nellore a few years back. The father was a government employee. The mother got a job under compassionate appointment when he died. Being a good talker, he attracts people with his words. He worked in marketing for some time and became a short filmmaker and events manager. In Nellore, he founded an institution called Startgun. He lured girls and young people to make short films and to provide opportunities in film and television. He gently draws the girls and young girls who fall into his trap.

He brought anchors from West Bengal, Telangana, Bangalore and many parts of AP in the name of organizing events for festivals and these anchors were forced into prostitution. At that point in time, he met media representative Priyanka. Zakir and Priyanka trapped many big shots and started making money. If the police were to be intercepted anywhere, they would threaten them in the name of the media. Many girls, young women and women have fallen into their trap. There are allegations that some of these people have committed suicide attempts without knowing how to escape. He expanded his criminal empire not only in AP but also in Bengaluru, Chennai, West Bengal and Telangana.

A girl from Kovur lodged a complaint with the police Station about the gang. The task force started the investigation. Along with the main accused, the manager of the prostitution was arrested.

The police collected the accused's cellphone and traced the call details and started the investigation. In the investigation, police found that the accused have contacts with different state people and they have many prostitution centres.
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