Trailer Talk: A feel-good story of a failure!

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Pelli Choopulu' producer Raj Kandukuri is introducing his son Shiva Kandukuri with 'Choosi Chudangane'. Directed by Sesha Sindhu, the theatrical trailer of this film was released and let us have a look at it.

The film revolves around a youngster who discontinues engineering to pursue fashion photography but ends up as wedding photographer. The pressure he faces from his mom and his love stories are all shown in this trailer. it is going to be a cool urban flick with ample entertainment and relatable emotions.

Shiva Kandukuri looks good and fits the confused youngster's role aptly while Varsha Bollamma mesmerises you with her beauty. Malavika Satishan also makes her presence felt in the trailer. On the whole, 'Choosi Chudangane' is expected reminds you of 'Pelli Choopulu' in terms of taking and storyline. Looks like Raj Kandukuri is in no mood to leave that template.

Gopi Sundar gave music for this flick while Suresh Productions are presenting it. The trailer looks decent and will bring the required buzz over the film.
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