Town With 800 People Attracts 1 Million Tourists A Year

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Hallstatt located on the shore of Lake having the same name in Austria's mountainous region, is one of the most beautiful towns in the World. Picturesque Locations at the Salt Lake, Echern Valley, Skywalk and Waldbachstrub Waterfall are a treat to watch. And the 16th Century Alpine Houses converted into shops and cafes worth special mention.

This World Heritage Site might have a population of just 800 but it attracts anywhere around 1 million tourists per year. Particularly, There was a rapid increase in the count of tourists to this city in the past decade.

Most of the Tourists who visit Hallstatt are from China. Chinese love this part of the World so much that a replica of it was created by them in their country in 2012. Tourism boosted the economy of Hallstatt to an extent that the city has become financially independent to develop its own projects in the best interest of 800 people.

On the flip side, Some of the Locals weren't happy with arrival of too many short-term visitors. In fact, There is a proposal to reduce the count of tourist buses reaching Hallstatt.