Chandrababu Ignores JC's Tantrums

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Despite his powerful lobbying and even threatening tactics, JC Diwakar Reddy could not have his way in the distribution of TDP tickets in Anantapur. JC wanted four MLA candidates under his Parliamentary constituency to be changed. He was adamant and has been fighting for it for the last two years. He had even threatened that he would not contest the MP elections if these four MLAs were re-nominated. But, when the candidates were announced, JC was in for a big shock.  His demand was only partially met.

In Anatapur Urban, JC's biggest critic Prabhakar Chowdary was given ticket again. Similarly, Jitendra Goud, another strong rival of JC was given ticket in Guntakal. Both these leaders have fought pitched street battles with JC and his men in Anantapur. Yet, they were given tickets much to the shock of JC. In Kalyanadurg, Hanumantharaya Chowdary has been replaced. But, it has got more to do with Chowdary's unpopularity rather than JC's pressure. Only in Singanamala, JC's request was honoured. Thus, out of the four seats, JC could have his way only in one MLA seat .

Hanumantha Raya Chowdary, Jitendra and Prabhakar Chowdary have never accepted JC Diwakar Reddy. They have time and again said that they were senior and loyal to the TDP  while JC was a later entrant and an opportunistic politician.
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