Why TFI Producers Lack Planning?

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When we talk about planning and perfect release situation, Telugu Film Producers at least 90% of them fail. With all due respects, even the seniors are found lagging in this department.

Telugu Film Industry produces 115 to 130 films per year on an average and in them, stars or actors with box office recognizable pull are less than 20 per year.

This year - NTR biopics, Manmadhudu-2, Lakshmi's NTR, Ranarangam, Jersey, Majili, Chitralahari, Dear Comrade, Maharshi, Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Saaho, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, Nani's Gangleader, Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Kanchana-3, F2, Petta, Chanakya, Rakshasudu, Oh Baby released till date which can be categorised into box office films as they star bankable stars or they came up with actors who can attract an opening.

Out of these films, some looked like rushed, some took more time for achieving unrealistic goals and only few seemed to have executed every plan on paper perfectly till release.

Oh Baby, Rakshasudu, Jersey, Majili, Manmadhudu-2, NTR Kathanayakudu, F2 were planned to the last detail and they released on the dates announced.

But Sye Raa, Saaho, Dear Comrade,  Maharshi, Gang leader, Gaddalakonda Ganesh had to be postponed to new dates resulting in disturbances for other releases too.

Now, December releases are going for February dates and there is a chaos within the chamber and producers' council about who should release their film when. Many small films are waiting for their turn to see the day light after being stored in labs and computer hard drives for days but they are not getting any good news as the bigwigs are also unable to clearly state their release plans.

The problem with film production is cash flow. When you have a marketable star, you get loans, money from partners and even market responds quickly. So, all you have to do is plan the release and create buzz, accordingly.

But the bigger problem within that many don't consider tends to be quality. By the last schedule, many producers see the rushes and start asking for changes or panic and try to sell for the price they get.

If some of the distributors or presenters start asking questions and watch the film, the changes according to their taste have to be inculcated and this delays or rushes production. If a producer thinks, the movie won't work, they will look to wrap it up to reduce losses, which will again change the mood in the camp resulting in a delayed and troubled production.

Not every producer can start with big pockets but looking at the increase in cost of production, remunerations and release issues, one has to plan for going over budget and also should see from time to time, what product is being executed and if they are delays, which are inevitable, should plan a way to incorporate them in his initial plans, as well.

Until and unless unavoidable circumstances that cannot be planned about from the first day, itself, producers should be in command about the release of their film.

We hope at least, after so many bumps in the road, producers trust the script and invest on the people who can execute it to their best of abilities in given time than those who are in-demand.
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