Tirupati More Polluted Than Hyderabad!

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Hyderabad and Tirupati - Which is more polluted? Ten out of ten would shout out - Hyderabad. But, hold your breath. Tiny temple town of Tirupati is far more polluted and a lot more dangerous place to live in than Hyderabad.  Yes, You have heard it right. Despite the dense forests enveloping Tirupati and the alround greenery, Tirupati is more polluted than Hyderabad, says a recent study.

The study blames incessant vehicular movment and excessive tourist rush for the rising pollution levels. The Pollution Control Board has recently installed toxic metals monitor on the Tirumala-Tirupati ghat Road. This will measure the gaseious and micro pollutants in the air.  The study showed that the toxic levels are assuming dangerous proportions on the Ghat Road. Over 1500 ghat road bus services and the huge number of private vehicles are emitting highly poisonous Nitrous Oxide, which forms the Smog and affects the health in a very significant manner, In addition, eight other highly poisonous gasses are also emitted.

While the nitrous dioxide levels in Hyderabad and Vijayawada are about 60 micro grams, Tirupati has 100 micro graps. Similarly, Benzene levels in Tirupati are estimated at 1.60 micro grams, the same in Hyderabad ais 0.76 miro grams. The study suggested that promoting electric vehicles in a big way in Tirupati could be one of the solutions to the problem of pollution.

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