Tier 2 Stars Nani And Vijay Devarakonda Fight Intensifies

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Nani and Vijay Devarakonda behaved like friends before Vijay saw Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam kind of hits.

While Nani doesn't show any such negative emotions outside, he did express some sort of stress with Vijay's arrival, it seems.

Ravi Teja, Sharwanand, Nithiin were never big competition to Nani as their script selection was not at his level. Also, Ravi Teja's over dependency on mass films, helped Nani to continue with his family oriented mass subjects without much competition to worry about.

But Vijay Devarakonda is attracting youth and slowly crawling into Family market space as well. Two stars can survive but the problem is both want to be recognised as top of the table in the Tier-2 zone so that they can demand Bigger release and better remuneration.

Vijay has set his eyes on Nani's regular filmmakers like Shiva Nirvana and Mohankrishna Indraganti to show his versatility, which will strongly establish him as bigger star than Nani.

Nani is not one to budge easily and he is looking out for different scripts and some edgy screenplays to counter Vijay's aggression as he acquired a name as safe bet actor, it seems.

Vijay at this point has better planning as he is coming up with Puri Jagannath's film after World Famous Lover. In the meantime, Naga Chaitanya is looking to challenge both of them with strong family subjects.

Who will become biggest star in Tier-2 category and move on to Tier-1? Let's wait and see.
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