Teaser: Thriller Director Goes For A Naughty Entertainer This Time!

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Ravikanth Perepu who directed a perfect thriller movie like 'Kshanam' in the past is back with his second film. But he completely left his thriller genre behind and made a youth-oriented film like 'Krishna and his Leela'.

As the teaser suggests, it is the story of a guy named Krishna and his romantic relationships with three girls. Siddhu Jonnalagadda is the lead actor while Shraddha Srinadh, Seerath Kapoor and Salini Vadnikatti are his romantic interests. The main attraction of this teaser is however the cozy kisses and the 'Pulihora' background score which everyone relates to.

As Rana Daggubati is presenting this flick, 'Krishna And His Leela' may have a decent buzz coming its way. The trailer is expected to come out of May 1st. The makers cleverly did not reveal the entire plot to keep the audience guessing.

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