This video makes noise but she doesn't really fit!!

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BPraak and many Punjabi singers have been making their way to financial success with boom in social media outlets and releasing video songs has become a trend too.

In 90's with Indi-pop at its peak level in popularity, video songs became a trend. Some videos have become so popular that even films have started adapting such style in editing songs.

And then there were "concept based" songs which presented the lyrical value of the song with fresh faces. Many actresses found fame through such video songs.

Kriti Sanon's sister Nupur Sanon made her video debut with none other than Akshay Kumar in this song by BPraak but she seems not sure about the camera and character, yet.

The song hasn't been handled and presented well. Even the concept seems to have been lifted out from a hit medical show rather than being original.

Akshay Kumar is good but the song, Nupur don't click as much as they should have. With 13 Million views it is making noise but it doesn't impress.

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