This is how KCR is paving way for KTR to become CM

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KCR is among the cleverest politicos and KTR is the smartest Alec around. KCR knows how succession wars and wrong succession plans have ruined the careers of political heirs. Had Rahul Gandhi been made a minister in UPA 1, his becoming a PM would have become easier in UPA 2, feels KCR. At least this is what he is confiding to his closest associates. If the delay in projecting Stalin ruined Karunanidhi’s plans, mindless speed in promoting Lokesh, trashed Chandrababu's plans.  So, the clever KCR is planning his moves in the most calculated and methodical manner possible.

He has begun the process of sidelining the seniors in the party ever since he got elected in 2018. Seniors like Nayini Narsimha Reddy, KK and others are force-retired. Potential threats like Etela Rajender are being sidelined. Yes Men like Srinivas Goud and Ajay Puvvada are being promoted in the ranks. They would sure remain loyal to KCR in case of any challenge to his position.

Secondly, he made KCR a minister and the working president of the party while he is still the CM-cum-party president. This he did after getting an unassailable majority in the assembly and after luring several TDP and Congress MLAs. Leaders like Harish Rao, who could be potential challengers to KTR were not even given ministries for months. This made it clear for all those who care who is the next boss.

Thirdly, highly placed sources say that KTR will be made the CM, once the municipal polls are over. The TRS is likely to score an impressive victory as the opposition is both disjointed and disoriented. The poll victory will establish KTR as a master strategist and a winning horse.

These three steps will ensure that KCR will have no opposition whatsoever and even if there are some problems, KCR himself would be available to guide him.
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