This Is Jagan's Masterstoke On Chandrababu

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Now this is called master stroke. YS Jagan is timing his shocks so well that Chandrababu is left befuddled. On a day when Chandrababu Naidu was in Guntur protesting against the proposed shifting of the Capital to Vizag, his trusted lieutenant and Guntur West MLA Maddali Giridhar Rao met YS Jagan at his official residence. Soon, the media attention was diverted from Chandrababu’s stir to Giridhar's surprise move. The TV channels gave more coverage to the latter incident and this has dwarfed the effect of Chandrababu's stir.

Giridhar is the second MLA from the TDP to meet YS Jagan after Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi. Sources say Giridhar too would remain an unattached MLA in the house and Chandrababu would not dare to seek his disqualification as it would mean losing the Leader of the Opposition tag. So, Giridhar will join Vallabhaneni now. Four more such unattached MLAs would rob Chandrababu Naidu of his Cabinet rank.

As a result, the TDP leaders could do nothing except fretting and fuming. They have failed to do anything. Even Chandrababu was left shocked by this sudden development and looked pale all through the protest meeting.
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