This Young Actress Got A Surprise Of Her Life!

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Normally actresses try to stay away from paparazzi and fans as they get mobbed easily. In Mumbai, Hyderbad, Chennai, many can go around the town without getting mobbed too much but some face huge surprises, every now and then.

Sara Ali Khan got shock of her life for being friendly and cordial to a fan. We have seen some of South heroines being touched inappropriately at private places during events and at mobbed places.

Sara did not such rude surprise but one fan couldn't hold himself back and tried to kiss her after shacking her hand.

She took it very graciously and asked him to stay away in arms distance and laughed out loud. She made him comfortable by shacking his hand again and moved away from there.

She felt uncomfortable but handled with maturity, understanding that this fan did not know the boundaries really. Rather than making any fuss, she walked away laughing.

May be she will be hesitant to openly give her hand to any other fan but she seems to have experienced a rude surprise for being nice!

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