This Survey Gives Hope For Congress Party

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Most of the exit polls and surveys have declared that BJP will win majority seats in Haryana and Maharashtra. It is expected that BJP wins more seats in Maharashtra. Many surveys claimed that Congress may lose miserably in the Haryana elections.

The exit poll survey conducted by India Today stated that Haryana elections might be a tug of war. No party will win a complete majority there. This survey stated that Congress might improve its performance with the Haryana elections.

According to that survey, BJP might win 30-40 Assembly seats and Congress might win 30-42 seats. While JJP might win around 10 seats.

The Congress party started to decline from the Haryana Lok Sabha elections. In those elections, the party barely won 10 seats. The new survey is giving hope to the Congress party. To see whether the survey is right or not we have to wait till the results come.
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