This Speaker Doesn't Care Governor's Directives

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One thought the Kar'nataka' would end on Thursday itself and the vote of confidence would decide the fate of the hopelessly minority JDU-Congress Government. But the JDU-Cong combine managed to prolong Kumaraswami Government's life on ventilator by one day. Though the BJP tried to bring pressure on the Speaker using the Governor, it has failed to prevent the delay. So, the BJP's wait for power is prolonged again. Despite the special instructions given by the Governor, the Karnataka Speaker has continued with the discussion on the vote of confidence and said that the voting will take place only after the debate. Speaker clearly ignored governor's directions on holding the vote of confidence.

However, there is no way he can prolong it on Friday. By afternoon, the voting would be taken up or Kumaraswamy may resign before taking the vote. Let's see if there would be curtains for the Karnataka drama at least on Friday. The BJP as of now looks set to form the next government in Karnataka.

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