This Is The Right Time For Chiru: Vijayashanti

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Comments made by Vijayashanti on AP Politics drew everyone's attention. She opined all the political parties, except BJP, have been using Special Category Status for gaining mileage but they weren't fighting together for the cause.

Vijayashanti expressed the view that TDP and YCP blame each other all the time instead of fighting jointly against BJP. She added, 'The equation between YCP and Jana Sena is no different. How could these parties mount pressure on BJP if they don't come together in the best interest of the state?'.

Ramulamma feels all the major political parties in AP missed the logic that Special Category Status can't be achieved without the support of Congress. She recalled Congress Party passing a resolution in favour of Special Status to AP. 'To achieve the goal, All the parties need to cooperate with Congress. This is the right time for Chiranjeevi who has got immense popularity to strengthen Congress and fulfil the dream of Andhrites. Or else, Special Status continues to be an unfulfilled dream,' she said.

Chiranjeevi is still a Congress Member. He, however, wasn't active since the past few years. Will Megastar take the boost-up given by Ramulamma seriously?


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