This Is How Etela Is Keeping In Touch With Ministers

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Ever since his strongly worded outbursts on the TRS bosses, Etela is almost a lonely man. No leader now wants to publicly associate with him. Even mandal level leaders are thinking twice before meeting him. The reason is not far to seek. The TRS bosses are keeping an eye on all those who are meeting Etela Rajender.

But, it you thought that the TRS rank and file in not in touch with Etela, you are wrong. Several MLAs, MLCs and even ministers are said to be calling Etela over Whatsapp phone. They have chosen Whatsapp calls as they are untraceable and the party leaders will not be able to track these calls. It is rumoured that several ministers have already called up Etela and congratulated him for his bold statements against the leadership. Sources close to Etela say that a large number of party leaders are in touch with Etela and are discussing the autocratic ways of the leadership.

The ministers and MLAs are taking to Whatsapp phones after MLA Rasamayi Balkishan met Etela soon after the latter made his fiery speech and was reportedly pulled up. Similarly, Amberpet MLA Kaleru Venkatesh too was chided for being with Etela when the latter visited the fever hospital.

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