This Congress leaders shows how to fight TRS

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When one hears the name of Aadi Srinivas, the bell does not ring immediately!!Normally, he can pass off as a mere face in the crowd. But, this non-descript looking man is today the talk of the town. Yes. He is the man, who doggedly pursued the case against his political rival and Sircilla MLA Chennamaneni Ramesh. He has challenged that Ramesh, son of former CPI stalwart Chennamaneni Rajeshwar Rao, and argued that he is not an Indian citizen.

For over ten years, he has been relentlessly pursuing the case against Ramesh. Ramesh, a German citizen, returned to Telangana to contest for the MLA elections in 2009. He was then in the TDP, but later shifted to the TRS. He has won as an MLA thrice. Each time, Adi Srinivas contested on Congress ticket. He also challenged Ramesh’s citizenship claims. He claimed that Chennamaneni is not an Indian citizen as he has a German citizenship. In 2017, his citizenship was quashed. He then filed a review petition, but on Wednesday, the Home Ministry said Ramesh is not an Indian citizen and quashed his citizenship.

The latest order said: In view of the above, the Competent Authority is satisfied that it is not conducive to public good that Dr  Ramesh Chennamaneni continues to be a citizen of India.

15. And now therefore, the Competant Authority in exercise of power vested in him under Section 10 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 decides that Dr Ramesh Chennamaneni ceases to be a Citizen of India.

16. This issues with the approval of the secretary, border management, who is the Competent Authority.

This only means that Ramesh will lose his MLA post. It goes to the credit of Adi Srinivas that he has doggedly fought the case and pursued the matter relentlessly. Though the other leaders of the Congress have compromised, Adi Srinivas did not yield and continued his struggle. If only the Congress leaders learn from this young leader, it would fight the TRS better.
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