These BJP, Cong Women Leaders Ran Sex Rackets, Trapped Ex-CM, Ex-Governor, 200 Politicians

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A former chief minister, a former governor, eight former ministers, a host of MLAs and even 13 IAS officers of Madhya Pradesh, several politicians from Maharashtra and neighbouring Chhattisgarh are now spending sleepless nights ever since their sleaze videos have come to light. They were all honey-trapped by a woman friend very close to them. And the woman is a top BJP leader of Madhya Pradesh, who was once a member of the candidate selection committee and has operated from the house of another BJP MP.

In all 92 high quality videos have been seized and over 4000 screen shots of  video, audio clips, sex chats and other incriminating material are also in the possession of the police. The images of several Congress leaders are also in circulation.  At the heart of this massive sex scam is BJP senior leader Shweta Vijay Jain (39). She has used over 40 Bollywood starlets, college students and even call girls. Shweta, who runs an NGO in Bhopal, had campaigned for the party in 2013 and 2018 also. She usually fixes rendezvous between the politicians, officers and  the starlets. She is said to be quite close to a former CM, an IAS official and was in the past caught red-handed while in the act with an IAS officer. She used to secretly film the sexcapades and then use the clips to blackmail the leaders and the officials. Then she used to bag key contracts worth several crores from the municipal corporation, PWD, housing, social welfare and other corporations.

Another member of the gang, Arti Dayal, had opened an NGO and used sex workers to trap several officers. One of the accused woman - Barkha Soni (35) is the wife of Congress IT cell leader Amit Soni.

Currently, Shweta Jain, her husband, Arti Dayal, Barkha Soni and several other members of the sex scam have been arrested. Now, both the Congress and the BJP workers are worried about the fallout of the sex scam. But, it is the BJP, which is worried most.
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