TDP Desperation Showing ... And Showing Badly

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The desperation of the TDP is showing in Andhra Pradesh. Unable to stop the Jagan Juggernaut, the TDP is resorting to innuendo and misinformation. The well-oiled PR machinery of the ruling party is making people issue fake statements against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the YSRCP. In Guntur district, they made one Moula Ali of Brahmanpally to give a statement that he was thrown out of the village by the YSRCP goons. He also stated that he was unable to till his 40 acres due to the hooliganism of the YSRCP men. But, on inquiry, it turned out that Moula Ali did not own any farm land.

In another incident in Rudramambapuram of China Ganjam in Parchur constituency, a woman, identified as B Padma (28) ended her life due to a family dispute. He had a tiff with her relatives and in a fit of rage, committed suicide. Chandrababu and his machinery tried to paint this too as an atrocity wrought by the YSRCP. Chandrababu had even visited the village to drum up support against the YSRCP. However, the villagers themselves apprised Chandrababu of the tiff she had with her relatives and Chandrababu backed off at the last minute to escape egg on his face.

The heights of this drama was in Dharmavaram, where the TDP tried to use paralytic Sivaiah for its own publicity. Sivaiah went to TDP meet held at Dharmavaram to seek some financial support as he is unable to earn any income due to the ailment. The TDP tried to portray him as a victim of the YSRCP attack. The TDP PR machinery alleged that he became a paralytic after he was beaten by the YSRCP workers.  Sivaiah has realised that he was taken for a ride by the publicity crazy TDP workers. He is now rueing his visit to the TDP office as he has neither got financial support nor medical aid as promised.
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